Step in the Arena


Reva – What did that question spark on you?

Luke – I know… What is like to be on this side… and… from where I’m at… That idea seems like bullshit.

Reva – You innocent?

Luke – Doesn’t matter…

Reva – You are!…

Luke – I’m guilty of a lot of things people will never know about. I guess it’s karma’s way of reminding me… that she can be a bitch. 


(Reva – He’s in prison… but he’s not a prisoner.)

Reva – So why do you come here?

Luke – Because you provide hope.


Luke – (…) Sometimes… survival costs.”

Luke Cage (Netflix, 2016), Season 1, Episode 04


Penny and Dime




Father Lantom – Nothing shines a halo faster than death, Matthew. But funerals are for the living… and revising history… only dilutes the lessons we should learn from it.

(…) Guilt can be a good thing. It’s the soul’s call for action. The indication that… something is wrong. The only way… to rid your heart of it… is to correct your mistakes and keep going… until amends are made.

I don’t know what you didn’t do or what you should have done… but the guilt… the guilt… means your work is not yet finished.

Daredevil (Netflix, 2016), Season 2, Episode 04

In the blood

“Wesley – You were right to reach out to us, although a call would have been more appropriate.

Anatoly – Look, I… I wanted to speak with him in person.
Try to put the past behind us.
(Brakes screech lightly) Why are we stopping?

Wesley – They say the past is etched in stone, but it isn’t.
It’s smoke trapped in a closed room, swirling, changing.
Buffeted by the passing of years and wishful thinking.
But even though our perception of it changes, one thing remains constant: the past can never be completely erased.
It lingers.
Like the scent of burning wood.

Daredevil (Netflix, 2015), Season 1, Episode 4