Gimme back my bullets


Lately I’ve been trying real hard to focus on the good side of things, and on how much I have grown and learned with my past and present experiences. However, on some days, this exercise seems to be too hard and lonely.

For the past 24 hours — especially after going through some draft e-mails which were never sent, and revisiting all sorts of old memories — I’ve been thinking of all I’ve lost…

… and one of those things was the chance of being tread on.

Things aren’t great, all and all. But life and some people never cease to amaze me from time to time.

* * *

“Life is so strange when its changin’, yes indeed
Well I’ve seen the hard times and the pressure’s been on me
But I keep on workin’ like the workin’ man do
And I’ve got my act together, gonna walk all over you

Gimme back my bullets
Put ‘em back where they belong
Ain’t foolin’ around ‘cause I done had my fun
Ain’t gonna see no more damage done
Gimme back my bullets

But I’m leavin’ this game one step ahead of you
And you will not hear me cry ‘cause I do not sing the blues

Gimme back, gimme back my bullets
Oh, put ‘em back…where they belong…”



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