The path of the righteous


Father – Confession? Latte?

Matt – Not today, Father.

Father – Probably for the best, already had four cups.
But you know there’s still a bit of caffeine in there they just can’t get out.
Some things are just too ingrained, I guess.

Matt – (…) A friend of mine says that if I don’t change the way I do things, the way I live my life, I will end up bloody and alone.

Father – You believe that?

Matt – I’m not afraid of dying.

Father – Lot of people aren’t, comes right down to it. It’s living that scares the holy crap out of ‘em.

Matt – You know what I do? Who I am?

Father – Sacrament of Penance, like I told you. Don’t have to worry about…

Matt –  It’s not what I’m asking.

Father – Yes, Matthew, I’m not an idiot. I have a pretty good idea who you are and what you do. How you do it… That’s something else entirely…

Matt – Accident when I was a kid. Used to think it was God’s will.

Father – “used to”?

Matt – Yeah, he made, each and every one of us, with a purpose, didn’t he? A reason for being.

Father – I believe so, yes.

Matt – Then why did he put the Devil in me? Why do I feel it in my heart and my soul, clawing to be let out, if that’s not all part of God’s plan?

Father – Maybe you’re being called to summon the better angels of your nature. Maybe that’s the struggle you’re feeling deep within you.

Matt – And how do you know the angels and the Devil inside me aren’t the same thing?

Father – I don’t, but nothing drives people to the church faster than the thought of the Devil snapping at their heels.

Maybe that was God’s plan all along.
Why he created him, allowed him to fall from grace, to become a symbol to be feared, warning to us all to tread the path of the righteous.


Daredevil (Netflix, 2015), Season 1, Episode 11



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