Find me

A reflection that started before that, but was only “formally” set on March 30th, at around 19:50.

“Find me”. Isn’t that ironic?

It is a song that has no traces; no download links available, no lyrics, and barely no references to it. The band doesn’t even exist anymore. It’s almost as if it had never existed.

But it did. It still does.

Not only when I listen to it (and it is still a wonder to have it – especially since you simply can’t find it anywhere else); it is quite alive when I sing it, or even when I remember of it.

Maybe it is like a riddle: it is someone (a really ‘beaten-up’ someone) telling another person (probably a – or THE – loved one) that they hope the other will find them, no matter what. They just pray the other will find the road that leads to them (and who doesn’t?!).

… and the first obstacle is actually finding the song.

It made me remember of “What Dreams May Come”, as well. This movie is like a distant memory from my childhood – as a dream would be. In it Robin Williams goes after his wife, even in hell. Even after death. He tries to find her, despite… well, despite everything. And he does.

Anyways, this song is not just ‘out there’. But, as some things and some people, it is still somewhere to be found.

(And any of these quests may be more than worthwhile.)

* The muffled sound is a special offer from one of our city’s official sponsors, mr.  Rainy.


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