“Life is pain”

After a considerable period of silence, something clicked inside. And the “urge” to post something made me remember I had this as some sort of draft — which, most certainly, deserved to see, once more, the daylight (of internet).

I was kind of “saving it”, for a moment when it would perfectly translate my state of mind.

This moment has sort of “repeated” itself many times during the past few (not exactly “few”, but anyways…) months — the past few weeks definitely included. But I was so demotivated I avoided thinking about writing anything (which was something that actually brought me back to “life” last year). How rude of me. How “wrong of me”.

At this exact moment the physical pain is actually the worst part — yet, it hasn’t taken over me. I can still think quite clearly, and some perspectives actually look brighter, even though I’m tired.

Yes; I’m exhausted. But somehow I guess I can walk a little more. I can go a little further. As always.

I don’t know my limits yet — fortunately. Tomorrow I might finally break apart. Who knows?!

All I can do is keep walking, I suppose.

Life is pain, indeed.

However, may this serve today as an example of my resilience to it.





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