“Life sucks, and then you die”

“Lately I have been, I have been losing sleep…”.

Nothing new about that, I guess. However, I’ve been thinking A LOT if the good things in life compensate all the shit that we go/have to go through.

I think I have come to the conclusion that, no, they don’t. But what can you do?!

Yet, somehow, this doesn’t make me desperate; this just makes many other things (such as letting go) easier.


Dear future me 2

So another “letter” has arrived. I can’t believe how brief I was in this one (for my standards, at least).

Some of the things continue to be just about the same; however, I’m not “obsessing” over anything right now. In fact, it’s just the opposite: I have a couple of goals, but even of those I give up, from time to time. 

I’m just lost. Stuck in that fucking limbo.

What upsets me the most is how, even though I know I have “evolved”, I still seem to be struggling against the same things. Is this a prelude to the rest of my life?

I’m just gonna keep walking, I guess. My feet are already sore, anyways. Maybe, by doing that, I’ll finally do what I proposed myself at its end.

Dear Future Me,

I think I might be obsessing over some things, and this is only dragging me down. When I say “some things” I mean my relationship and my future, plus other “minor” problems.

I feel like I’m giving so much, and not receiving as much in return.

And I know this for months now, but, somehow, I seem to be doing nothing about it.

Things with the psychologist are still good; questions don’t cease to appear, though. And If I don’t take care, they will finally drive me nuts.

Apparently I’m already fending for myself now (at least in some cases), which is great, BUT, if there weren’t so many difficult situations, I wouldn’t have to do that.

Oh, man… I need a break. From everything, but, especially, from myself.
And, perhaps, people need a break from me too, to finally stop taking me for granted.

I deserve more than this, and I know it. So I guess it’s time to start acting.