Dear Future Me

Life is definitely as “funny” as it could be. I have written this one year ago, and received it on the 19th. Things have changed a lot from that moment on… and, even though I was probably more “in peace”, now I guess (despite the and contradicting the constant confusion) I can see some things clearer.

Turns out one can also grow in pain (whatever that means to you).

Dear FutureMe,

things have been crazy. Not only in my life, but in Brazil, Turkey, and all around the world.

So, right now I’m writing my monography, which hopefully I’ll finish and present in the beginning of August. I’m taking Spanish classes, which are going great, and I finally managed the time to go back to the gym.

Work’s ok, I guess. I like what I do, and people like my work as well. But I want more. I NEED more. And it frustrates me, a lot.
I feel like I should be doing sooo much more. I need to go to places, to meet new people, and to see if I can find a better purpose, ‘cause I feel quite empty now (though things are much better this year).

I recently got to the conclusion that I would like to have a child, very soon, not necessarily biological. I don’t wanna get married, but I would like to find a person now.

I’m currently “obsessing” over this guy, but I must forget him, ‘cause thinking about it will do me no good. And there are a couple of other ones that I would also like to get, but I don’t think that’s such a nice idea. Let’s see how that will work out…

People finally woke up in Brazil, and they are taking over the streets, to protest against all the crap that has been going over here. I feel like I should take a more active part on this, but, at the same time, I need to keep working, writing, and worrying about my responsibilities. This way, maybe, I can make a better future for myself and the ones around me. Is this being selfish?!

Anyways… I’m not “sad”. I think. But I need more.

Hopefully I’ll have done more by the time I read this (though, sometimes, I don’t even think I’ll have the chance to read it… =/).

Take care, honey! Stay strong.


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