Wayfaring stranger

I like to roam around from town to town. I prefer the small ones. It is easier to make money, believe it or not. And you don’t spend that much, if you know how to put on the puppy eyes, and earn people’s trust.

I usually stay for some months, and then announce my departure. They’ll prepare me nice dinners and farewell parties; I’ll say “goodbye” and how much I’ll miss them. Then I’ll keep on walking.

And I really do. I mean, I really miss them. But once they’re getting too close for comfort, I know it’s time to hit the road, Jack.

Some even question me when I’ll settle down, but I never know what to say. So I’m honest, wish them the best, and say I have to go.

Funny how people, even in the 21st century, still give wayfaring strangers rides. I’m not sure I would, but thank God they do!

Things are not always easy; sometimes–in fact, most of the times–they are awfully tough. But I’m not complaining; my spirit never weakens. As hard as life and circumstances hit me, I still manage to never fall apart.

As I walk, I get mud on my boots, after it rains; I get amazed by the view on mountain tops; I get intoxicated by the smell of flowers and freshly mowed lawn in the spring; on really hot days I crave for the rain and the smell it comes when the water drops hit the dry ground; my skin gets tanned and freckled on the sunny days; and I smile with the snowmen kids make as soon as the snowflakes start to fall.

I never know exactly where I’m going, and, even though I grow and feel a little more complete as I move from one town to the other, somehow the urge to wander goes off inside.

And off I go.

As I’ve said, I don’t know where I’m heading to. But I know where I’d like to be.

I hope to see them again, someday. All of them. My dad… And, at last, my mom.

So many moments; so many of them. The ones that loved me and crossed my way, while I am just a poor, wayfaring stranger, traveling through this world below.

I know that, once we meet, there won’t be a brighter day. So I walk.

I decided some days ago; right now I’m going to Jordan. Yet, and I have no idea why, something tells me I may finally be going home.


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